Why Leather Belts Differ in Quality? Know the Facts -

Posted by Phillip Young on 3rd Apr 2015

A wide range of belts are available at varying prices in the market. That might make you wonder why the price of different products varies to such a great extent. Experts at, a premier name in the market for offering a wide range of belts for men, say that there are certain factors, including the quality, which differ based on the price of the belts. For instance, you can get an average quality casual belt dress belt at a price of $25 to $30, while there are golf belts in the market which could cost you $75 or more.

It is known to many that quality is one of the major reasons for the price difference of belts, but do you know why the quality of leather belts differ? The answer lies in the manufacturing process of the leather used in making these belts. Here is a list of some of the major types of leather belts, along with their quality details.

  • Bonded leather belts – These belts are made of 100% pure leather. The leather for these belts is manufactured by making use of the waste scraps of unused leather that are left over from other leather products. Just as the name suggests, these belts are made by gluing together the small fibers and then covering them in a way so that the finished product looks like an actual leather belt.
  • Synthetic leather belts – True to its name, these belts are made of fake leather. They are manufactured with different fibers and polymers to create the actual 'feel' of leather. You may see terms such as “faux” or “PU” on belts that are synthetic.
  • Top grain leather – These belts are made of multiple layers of leather. Typically a belt that is labeled as “top grain” has two layers. If it is labeled as top grain, typically the top layer of the belt, the layer facing out, is made from a genuine piece of leather. Then there may be a filler behind that layer, generally a cotton fabric to make the belt thicker. Then there is another layer of material stitched to the back. This layer can be genuine leather as well or it can be synthetic. Most golf belts and dress belts today are made of this type of leather and process.
  • Full grain leather – These belts are typically made from one solid piece of leather. It’s usually one thick piece of leather and most of the time there are not fillers needed to give the belt that sturdy or “thick” feel. There aren’t many companies that make these belts any longer. It’s hard to find full grain leather belts today, and once you do, they are usually very pricey.

It’s important to remember that the manufacturing process of leather is a very big part of the price differences in belts. The next time you buy your golf belts or other belts, make sure to check label on the back of the belt for the above terms to determine if the price is really worth it.