The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide: Treat Him to Something He’ll Love to Wear!

Posted by Phillip Young on 28th May 2015

Since 1908, families across the U.S. have been setting aside one day a year to honor dads. Father’s day gifts have become a tradition, however they tend to create a conundrum for people who really want to make their dad feel special. Some dads are like an open book while others are much harder to buy for. What do you do if your dad is one of those guys who already has it all or hates asking for anything? The Belt Shoppe has the answer. Our Father’s Day gift guide will help you find unique and useful items that he will love.

Father’s Day Gifts for Active Dads

Active dads are always on the move. They tend to gravitate towards hobbies that let them use the bodies, like sports. Our PGA Tour silicone perforated golf belt in brown is an excellent choice for the active dad. This durable men’s accessory is an obvious winner for golfer dads, but it can also work well for dads who aren’t golfers but still love to move.

The silicone design is very comfortable and flexible so he gets a great fit every time. The perforations create a surface that’s well ventilated so he doesn’t overheat. A number of colors are available, but brown is easily the most versatile and practical. He can wear it out on the golf course (or whatever field he plays on) then keep it on when he meets up friends or family for dinner afterwards.

Father’s Day Gifts for Old School Dads

Old school dads are a lot like a traditional leather belt. They’re dependable, familiar and strong.That’s why this type of gift can serve two purposes: it’s a practical accessory he can get use out of and it’s symbolic of how important he is in the lives of his children. A traditional look will give him many options whether he’s a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, prefers rustic flannels or wears many button downs.

Our Columbia Sportswear Goose Lake oil tanned leather belt in brown embodies all of the qualities mentioned above. The belt band is durable and includes a unique yet classic coloration that works well with a wide variety of styles. Hardworking dads will also appreciate a John Deere oil tanned bridle leather jeans belt. This style offers a more even coloration in a rich, warm brown along with the familiar John Deer logo.

Father’s Day Gifts for Modern Dads

Modern dads may not fit into the traditional box when it comes to wardrobe. They prefer styles that look trendy but still provide the versatility that makes them perfect for any situation. The Tommy Hilfiger casual leather belt offers a look that can live up to a modern dad’s expectations. The design is sturdy yet handsome with a solid surface featuring double rows of subtle stitching.

The black Tommy Hilfiger casual leather belt includes a metal buckle with a sleek nickel finish. The cool color scheme blends well with many cutting edge styles. The lining consists of a manmade material so the color never runs. He can wear this stylish belt daily and still look like he’s putting on something new.

Father’s Day Gifts for Original Dads

Some dads are especially unique, which is why you have to get creative when picking out Father’s Day gifts. If you aren’t sure where to begin, consider browsing the Belt Shoppe’s enormous selection of self-branded belts. Our collection spans all styles with materials, buckles and detailing he will appreciate. Belt Shoppe belts include both classic all-leather styles as well as stretch web belts in white, navy, khaki, black, beige and brown. They feature leather tabs and loops for a long lasting combination of materials that will keep him comfortable.

Father’s Day Gift Pairings That Will Impress

This year you can really impress dad by giving him two functional gifts instead of just one. Pair your chosen belt with any of the Belt Shoppe’s wallets. Dad can always use a new one or a spare for special occasions. Our brands even complement many of our belts and other accessories. Get him a John Deere leather belt and pair with a trifold stitched John Deere wallet. Or give him a Tommy Hilfiger belt with one of our eye-catching Hilfiger wallets. Impress dad this year with high quality men’s accessories that he will use again and again!