The Right Way to Wear a Men’s Belt

Posted by Phillip Young on 2nd Feb 2015

A good men’s belt can do wonders for your wardrobe. The best accessories will offer a comfortable fit that enhances the visual appeal of your attire. Make sure you look your best by finding the perfect men’s belt and putting it on the right way every day!

It All Starts with Belt Sizing

An ill-fitting belt won’t do your waistline any favors. The right fit starts with the right size, so make sure you are properly sizing your accessories. You don’t want a belt that squeezes, but you also don’t want one that will leave you with over a foot of slack sticking out. So how do you go about properly sizing your belts?

  • With a measuring tape, determine your waist size. Always measure around where the belt would sit (typically where you would button your jeans or pants). Choose a belt to match.
  • As an alternative, you can also use a belt you already own that fits as an easier way of determining size.
  • If you know your pant size, choose a belt that’s a couple sizes larger. For example, if you would buy pants with a 32” waist, then select a 34” men’s belt.

The Basics of Belt Wear

Actually putting the belt on is an easy process. To begin, take the open end (without the buckle) and slide it through the first loop in your jeans or trousers. Next, continue sliding the end through each belt loop until you reach the final loop on the other side of your waist. Pull the end through the belt buckle until you get a comfortable fit then close the buckle.

When wearing a brand new leather belt, remember that the material may be stiff at first. Leather takes time to break in and will become more comfortable with age. Just remember to properly care for and condition it and you will end up with a great look and a great fit!

Belt Wear for Specific Occasions

Just like you may need a different shirt or trousers for different situations, there may be times when you have to trade out your everyday belt for something dressier. The following tips will help you select the appropriate men’s belt for specific occasions and situations.

  • Everyday Wear

Any causal belt is a good choice for everyday wear. This would be the accessory you put on each day. Find a high quality belt that’s durable because this accessory will likely see a lot more use than most others in your wardrobe.

  • Outdoor and Work Belts

Outdoor and work belts are typically more practical than fashionable (although they can still look quite handsome). Rugged or industrial leather belts are a good choice if your profession includes a lot of manual labor or if you spend a lot of time in the wilderness or in industrial or workshop settings.

  • Office and Suit Belts

A good way to choose a professional looking belt to wear with a suit is to take a look at your footwear. The color of the belt should match your dress shoes. If your shoes are black, then your belt should be, too. Check out The Belt Shoppe’s dress belt category for suggestions.

  • Black Tie Belts

If you’re wearing a tux, make sure you inspect the waistline. Traditional tuxedo designs do not include belt loops because suspenders were used instead. Some modern styles now include belt loops. Make sure you know which you need so you have time to shop before the event. Use the same color rule mentioned for office and suit belts when buying a belt for dressy occasions.