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3 Trends in Men's Golf Clothing to Consider by Gift Givers

Posted by Phillip Young on 22nd Apr 2015

People obviously prefer giving gifts that their loved ones desire or would buy themselves. A top gift for men has always been clothing and accessories. But, what gift can you give a person who lov …

Why Leather Belts Differ in Quality? Know the Facts -

Posted by Phillip Young on 3rd Apr 2015

A wide range of belts are available at varying prices in the market. That might make you wonder why the price of different products varies to such a great extent. Experts at, a p …

​A Buyer's Guide to Help a Man Select the Best Belt for His Formal Attire

Posted by Phillip Young on 23rd Mar 2015

Gone are the days when belts were worn only to hold the pants in place or to carry weapons. Today, belts are considered a fashion statement and are worn in coordination with the suit or formal clot …