Introducing Druh Belts & Buckles: A New Collection for Serious Golfers

Introducing Druh Belts & Buckles: A New Collection for Serious Golfers

Posted by Phillip Young on 9th Nov 2015

Golfers will absolutely love our new Druh belts and buckles collection! This selection of high quality sports accessories was designed by Englishman and Touring Professional Simon Hurd. He’s better known on Asian and European Tours as “Hurdy”. Along with his golf abilities, Hurdy is easy to recognize because of his unique attire. He favors pork pie hats featuring a variety of eye-catching colors.

Adding Druh to Your Golf Wardrobe

What will Druh bring to your golf wardrobe? Our collection features one-of-a-kind colors in a number of practical, comfortable and durable accessories. There’s tones for all personalities and tastes. This is hands down one of the most diverse palettes you will find. There are classics like brown, white, black and blue as well as unusual shades like bright red, plum purple, aqua and pink. Druh makes it easier to customize your look on and off the green.

Discovering Druh

Golfers won’t want to miss what Druh has to offer. Our new collection has something for everyone. Each product is made using high quality materials that vary from full grain leather to snakeskin. The belts offer an extra 8” overlap with six pre-cut holes so you get a perfect size in every style. Druh belts can be cut to ensure a fit tailored to your body type. Get started by checking out some of our Druh product highlights:

  • Druh Snakeskin Belts

Druh snakeskin belts are made using non-protected species. Each includes intricate natural patterns that are very easy on the eyes, especially when seen in a variety of unique colors. There’s organic tones like brown, dark brown, black and green as well as fabulous hues like orange, pink, red and silver.

  • Druh Crocodile Leather Belts

Along with snakeskin, Druh also offers a line of crocodile texture leather belts. This style is handmade to recreate the luxurious look of crocodile skin. The pattern is broader than snakeskin yet offers that same organic charm. Our crocodile belts are available in pink, brown, green, graphite, cream, red, silver, tan, white and blue.

  • Druh Lizard Leather Belt Straps

If you prefer something more exotic, Druh lizard texture leather belts are a great choice. This style is just as natural looking as the crocodile and snake skin styles yet feature rows of intricate detail. We currently offer handsome colors including black and brown as well as a one-of-a-kind black and white version.

  • Druh Ostrich Leather Belt Straps

Druh presents a collection of ostrich texture leather belt straps that offer a new look that deviates from the more common snake and crocodile styles. Ostrich skin is more subtle with lines and small raised spots in solid colors.

  • Druh Plain Leather Belt Straps

Druh also offers something for men who want a simpler look. The plain leather belt is luxurious yet excludes the intricate patterns. This collection includes purple, pink and yellow. Each can be paired with DB buckles so you can build a custom men’s belt for your wardrobe!

  • Druh Tour Collection Belts

Our Druh Tour Collection belts are one of the best choices for golfers. Each is handmade using full grain textured leather in an assortment of colors. This style is ideal for the golf course and the office. Each is one-size-fits-all and comes with a matching DB Thru Silver buckle and DB Infill buckle.

Update Your Golf Accessories with Druh

Now is a great time to update your golf accessory collection! Druh offers long lasting, original designs that feel just as amazing as they look. Whether you prefer exotic animal skin textures or basic leather, you’ll find the perfect fit with Druh. Shop now to update your golf accessory collection or to find a great gift for your favorite golfers!