Golf Fashion Tips That Will Make You Look Great on the Green

Golf Fashion Tips That Will Make You Look Great on the Green

Posted by Phillip Young on 16th Mar 2015

Golf fashion can be tricky because there are so many garments and accessories out there, and some walk a fine line between fashionable and faux pas. The styles of yesterday may not work so well today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a classic look that’s also timeless. Follow these simple golf fashion tips and stay on top of your game and your look!

Golf Fashion Tip 1: Be Original, But Don’t Over Do It

Crazy wardrobe choices may seem to work for some. Take a look at American golfer John Daly, a player who many recognize for his intensely patterned pants. From patriotic to paisley, it seems like he’s crossed many fashion lines.

While it may appear quirky for Daly, it’s not something that typically works for the average golfer. Instead of jumping on a trend bandwagon, be strategic when coming up with your bold look. Try picking one statement piece like a bright or patterned belt. You will stand out without your clothes screaming “look at me!”.

Golf Fashion Tip 2: The Right Fit is Essential to a Good Look

Make sure you are buying golf clothes in the correct size. This may sound obvious, but there are many who buy too big or just a little too tight. Incorrect sizing will not flatter your body shape and may appear uncomfortable or sloppy. It can even impact your game.

You can enjoy a relaxed, loose fit without extra fabric billowing behind you. You can also impress with something fitted that doesn’t reveal every line and crevasse in your body. When you shop, keep in mind that different styles are supposed to fit differently. A relaxed polo might feel comfortable but the same size in a slim fitting golf shirt will feel very different.

Golf Fashion Tip 3: Put Away the Cargo Pants

Some golfers still like to wear them, but many agree that cargo pants really shouldn’t make appearances on the golf course. They have a tendency to create a sloppy look. This is especially true for styles that include ties at the calves. Try on a pair of high quality golf pants instead. Keep in mind that regular dress pants are often restrictive and won’t offer the same comfort and durability as actual golf pants.

Golf Fashion Tip 4: Invest in At Least One Good Golf Belt

Make sure you have at least one good golf belt in your arsenal. This one accessory can improve comfort and will give you a way to enhance your look. Add a little color with a brilliant silicone belt, try one of the many white styles available, like the Adidas three stripe white leather golf belt, or stick with something classic like PGA Tour Leather Concho Golf Belt in black or brown.