Five Belts for Hunting That Work In & Out of the Wild

Five Belts for Hunting That Work In & Out of the Wild

Posted by Phillip Young on 5th Oct 2015

Hunting belts have to be durable and reliable to survive in the rugged terrain you explore. There are many styles available that look the part, but some offer more versatility and comfort than others. If you plan on heading into the great outdoors this season, make sure you are equipped with a hunting belt that will provide optimum performance no matter how many days you spend in the wild. The following list offers a great place to start searching for long lasting accessories that will keep you on the trail and going strong.

Mossy Oak’s No Nonsense Camo Canvas Belt

For the traditionalist, our Mossy Oak camouflage canvas belt offers a straightforward, no nonsense design that works in most forested areas. The design doesn’t waste time on any non-functional elements. The band is covered in camouflage from one edge to the other. The pattern includes thick tree branches and hints of foliage that blend well in brown-heavy environments. A simple metal buckle with a dull antique brass finish completes the design, limiting unnecessary reflections.

John Deere Offers a Hunting Belt with Options

John Deere is known for its durability on the jobsite, but some don’t realize that the brand also offers quality products for hunters. The John Deere CrazyHorse leather belt presents a handsome look that you can wear in the forest or while on the job. This belt is unique from our other camouflage belts because it uses removable inserts. The belt band includes a set of shapely windows with stitched edges where you can display a set of classic camo inserts. The buckle is also removable so you can make adjustments for different situations and settings.

Try a Hunting Belt You Can Wear Everywhere

Practical hunters will prefer accessories that can do double time. Our RealTree reversible camouflage and brown leather belt offers two distinct looks that cover it all. One side presents a traditional camouflage pattern that spans the entire length of the band. You can flip the belt after you leave the woods (or wherever you’re hunting) to wear a handsome brown leather belt that’s perfect for jeans or casual attire. Put on your belt to hunt then flip it around to go about your day when you get back home!

Ultra Realistic Patterns Offer Better Camouflage Effects

RealTree offers an HD camouflage canvas belt that’s comfortable, functional and presents a highly realistic forest pattern. The band depicts bark, smooth tree trunks, hints of green and other nature detailing. A dull metal buckle is included in an antique finish that matches the camo color scheme and prevents unwanted shine.