Choosing the Best Decorative Belt Buckle for Your Favorite Look

Posted by Phillip Young on 7th Jul 2015

Decorative belt buckles are an easy way to customize your favorite looks. Even if you love a certain style, you don’t want to look like a cookie cutter version of the next guy wearing it. That’s where decorative belt buckles come in. You can add a touch of personality without completely changing your favorite outfits just by putting on this one men’s accessory.

The Classic Look

The classic look is timeless, which is part of why so many guys prefer it. Not only is it timeless, but it can be very flattering. This general term refers to a wide range of garments including khakis and casual dress pants, long and short sleeve button down shirts, V-neck shirts and jeans.

You can work in any color you want, but in the end your general look may be very similar to others who prefer this style. A decorative belt buckle will blend well with your attire and make you stand out without appearing out of place. In this situation, rich metal hues are a great choice. Rodeo style buckles can give you a vintage look that also works with classic garments.

The All American Look

All American guys are proud of their country and show it with clothing that celebrates the icons that we all know and love. From a simple red, white and blue color scheme to shirts that feature flags, eagles and other similar elements can take any style and make it a great All American look.

Complement your favorite patriotic garments with a decorative belt buckle. American flag buckles are as good as it gets for guys who love their country. This accessory can pull together a simple pair of jeans and your favorite shirt or can be used to add a subtle hint of All American appeal. American flag buckles can also give you an easy and subtle way to show your pride when wearing business casual clothing that may not allow for significant customization.

The Casual Look

Every man needs a good casual look. This is the outfit you can wear anywhere. It’s the first style you go to after work, when running errands or when hanging out with friends. Just because it’s casual doesn’t mean it should be incomplete. A decorative belt buckle is comfortable and easy to wear yet will give you that nicely detailed look so you never come across as lazy or rushed.

Casual buckles present a unique opportunity to really live it up and show your playful side. Super hero buckles are an excellent choice for causal looks. They feature fun colors and recognizable patterns that not only look great, but also serve as original conversation starters! Fellow comic book and film fans will flock to you to talk about your favorite super heroes, villains and storylines.

Quick Tips for Choosing a Decorative Belt Buckle

There are many decorative belt buckles to choose from. If you have the room, you might want to consider adding more than one to your collection. This will give you more options as your wardrobe changes over the years. Remember the following when choosing a decorative belt buckle:

  • Select a style that matches your personal interests. This will ensure that you get plenty of use out of the buckle because it will likely become your favorite.
  • Consider the prominent colors in your wardrobe and find decorative belt buckles that will match them. This will ensure that your buckle will always complement your look instead of distracting from it.
  • Have at least one decorative belt buckle to match the style you wear the most. For example, if you only wear patriotic colors for the 4th of July then it might be best to go with a rodeo or superhero buckle instead of a flag style.