3 Trends in Men's Golf Clothing to Consider by Gift Givers

Posted by Phillip Young on 22nd Apr 2015

People obviously prefer giving gifts that their loved ones desire or would buy themselves. A top gift for men has always been clothing and accessories. But, what gift can you give a person who loves sports; specifically Golf? Make them happy by purchasing something that they would like wearing during the game; something that they will be able to wear comfortably; and something that is currently in style on the course. Have you considered buying a nice pair of shorts, a polo golf shirt or perhaps a white golf belt?

It is indeed a good idea! But, when you are planning to buy something for a loved one, you will have to think about his current wardrobe, his personal preferences or style, and the ongoing trend or what’s available. Here are three things to consider when buying Men’s Golf Clothing as a gift for that special man.

  • 1.  Avoid Cotton: There are a number of synthetic materials that have now been produced. These materials are found to be much more durable than cotton and their colors also last longer. Moreover, the purpose why cotton was first preferred; the absorbing of sweat and water is also achieved with these synthetic materials. These synthetic materials offer moisture wicking and they dry faster. This will keep you special man dry and more comfortable on the course.
  • 2.  White Belts:  White golf belts are back in style. Gone is the time when white belts are out of style. They are back and they are back in a BIG way. If you watch a golf match on televeision, you will notice that half of the golfers today are wearing a white belt. Feel free to give a white leather golf belt. They are back in style and have the style cache now that will enable your man look like a pro on the course, even if he doesn’t play like one.
  • 3.  Bright Neon Colors: Along with white belts listed above, bright colors are now also a rage on the golf course. From colors like lime green, to bold blues and reds, to bright yellows and oranges it’s amazing the range of colors today’s golfers are wearing. It seems the bolder and brighter the color the better.  While these bold colors are particularly hot with the younger generation, they are catching on with the older golfers as well. You just need to consider the person you are be buying it for and would he wear it.  You also need to consider if he has something that would match such a bright and bold color.

These are the three common trends that are seen in style on the golf course today. Not all of these styles and trends will work for everyone. Thus, as mentioned above, one should make sure he or she knows the style and preferences of the person they are buying for.