2015 Summer Golf Belt Trends That Will Take Your Game to New Levels

Posted by Phillip Young on 23rd Jun 2015

Golf is a game of skill, which shows when you see a pro make an amazing shot. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer honing his abilities, you need a fitting wardrobe to make you look good while accentuating each movement. A well fitted, stylish belt will make you feel comfortable and unrestricted as you move. It will also create an attractive profile as you play. So which belts should you wear to keep up with 2015’s summer golf trends?

Sleek Silicone for Looks & Functionality

Silicone golf belts are a modern accessory that can really enhance your wardrobe on the green. They are flexible, durable and come in a wide range of unique colors. Silicone is a great way to look stylish and add a personal touch to your golf attire. Our PGA Tour reversible silicone golf belt features perforated rows that help provide ventilation and creates an appealing texture across the band.

PGA also makes a similar silicone belt that trades in the perforations for embossed lines. This version is available in white and black and creates a very clean, trendy look that will add detail to any garment. The black and white hues are a smart choice because they will complement any color scheme you prefer to wear.

Angled Belt Buckles are Classic and Trendy

If you want to be trendy but maintain a classic look, Adidas Puremotion leather belts offer the design you need. Each belt consists of a simple band that’s smooth and supple in black or white. Each includes a gunmetal or brushed metal buckle with angled sides. The unique slant adds a hint of modern style that is subtle yet noticeable. A set of contrasting elastic segments are worked into the belt band as an additional detail. This is a look that is clean, attractive and sure to turn a few heads.

Match Colors Like You’ve Never Matched Before!

Golfers have more options when accessorizing than ever before. More brands are expanding their product selection to include unique colors that allow you to complement a more diverse collection of styles. If you’re looking for more diversity that will stand out among 2015’s golf trends, check out Nike’s Tech Essentials web belts.

This collection includes durable web belts with a traditional military buckle. That may not sound remarkable, but it’s easy to see why these belts are so unique when you browse the color selection. Nike produces many hues that range from light and lively to bold and brilliant. Our catalog includes refreshing orange, sky blue, navy, intense red, bright purple and a neon yellow (cleverly named “sonic yellow”).