2015 Dress Belt Trends & Your Wardrobe

Posted by Phillip Young on 28th Aug 2015

5 Foolproof Accessories for Every Man

2015 is proving to be a very stylish year. Men who have a complete wardrobe for after hours may not think about the importance of looking good while on the job. Don’t forget the finer details when it comes to the 9 to 5 part of your day. A quality dress belt can elevate any look to give you a more powerful, confident appearance that can make a difference when meeting people and working towards promotions. So which dress belts offer everything your professional attire needs to succeed?

Dockers Lets You Work Smarter Instead of Harder

Hard work is important, but it pays to be efficient. Instead of paying for two separate belts you can get the same wear-ability in just one. Dockers Bombay center reversible dress belt presents a handsome look that will complement all your favorite dress styles with two options. One side includes a smooth tan band with dark leather trim while the other side is solid black. Both colors are versatile so you never have to reach for a different belt when getting ready for your day.

Let Your Look Be as Cutting Edge As You Are

If you want to climb the corporate ladder, you have to be prepared to take things to the next level. Our Kenneth Cole reversible dress belt presents a look that will match your unstoppable, dynamic personality. The band is smooth with a touch of supple texture. One side is black and the other is a deep brown – the two most popular colors in professional fashion. What makes this accessory so trendy is its solid metal belt buckle. Each belt includes a rectangle plaque with subtle texture that gives it a cutting edge look.

Kenneth Cole is a Vintage Belt Mainstay for Professionals

There’s something to be said about traditions and longevity. Kenneth Cole created a vintage leather dress belt that offers a look that’s sure to become a mainstay in your business clothes collection. This design includes a simple black band that goes with anything. A dark gunmetal buckle with decorative ends is included. Classic accessories like this send the message that you’re in it for the long haul!

Braided Belts for Modern Business Men

The braided belt has been around for a long while yet manages to remain a stylish accessory for professionals. Our Tommy Hilfiger braided leather dress belts present a refreshing take on this popular design. The band is carefully braided to form an open diamond pattern at the center. This style is available in both black and brown. Choose one or order both so you have a belt to go with every suit or business outfit you wear!